Black Lives Matter Competition Entry by volunteer Clodagh

It was a dark, rainy, miserable evening on 26th February 2012. Travis Maverick could hear the noise the rain made against the window panes as it plummeted down. Travis, a black teenage boy, was walking through a residential area. He had his hood up and his head down. He had just been to the shop to buy some sweets for his younger brother and was on his way home.


Travis stopped every so often in order to gaze through the windows of the houses. He found it interesting to glimpse people in domestic settings, perhaps because he loved to cook at home for his mum and dad. It's true, he also enjoyed playing sports. That can't be denied. In fact, he even played basketball. He also liked to go skiing and horse riding. More than anything, he was an intelligent person who aspired to be a pilot.


Now, unbeknownst to Travis, the area he was walking through on 26th February had recently experienced a spate of burglaries. What Travis also didn't know is that someone else was out that night. That someone was Donald Whiteman.


Mr Whiteman was the president of the local neighbourhood watch and he was out in his van that night looking for anything out of the ordinary. He was what some people might call a wannabe cop. 


When Mr Whiteman first spotted Travis that night, what he automatically saw was a young black man loitering in the rain and intent on criminal activity. His suspicions thus triggered, Mr Whiteman raced his van until it was alongside Travis. He then slowed his van down. He put the window down to get a clearer view of Travis. Before looking at him, Mr Whiteman also turned his stereo down. It's not that important what stereo type it was. The point is Mr Whiteman turned it right down.



Donald now looked out of his van window at Travis. The teenager turned his head slowly and looked at Donald. They stared at one another for a second or two. Then Donald acknowledged Travis with a nod and a smile. Travis nodded and smiled back. Donald put his van window up and drove off. Travis went home.