Josephine and the Artizans

This press release refers to the forthcoming unveiling of the Josephine and the Artizans video on 23rd October.  As this new track is embargoed until the release date, please find below some of their earlier work to give you an idea of their unique sound. That HipOpera blend is ever present but with a different tone and mood to match the subject matter.


As you surely know, the ethos of Kickoff@3 is to use the power of the arts, including music and the spoken word, as well as sport, to spread key messages of hope and change across diverse groups. Ashley and I, along with our team, have therefore been working passionately and confidentially over last several months to support Josephine and the Artizans in pulling together this powerful work.


Kickoff@3 will hopefully be working with them closely again in 2020, so I am sure you will see them on our journey next year. Josephine is lovely and we like the diversity of her style of music, mixed in with Hip Hop and Opera. Something really different and we highly recommend a follow on social media. Josephine is very approachable and will certainly appreciate our feedback via social media.


Michael & Ashley 
KickOff@3 co-Founders 


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