Proud and Gifted

Community Organisation Proud and Gifted Launch Special Award Programme for Young People.


Founded by Advocate and Mentor Steven Oram, Proud and Gifted is a not for profit based in London with one simple goal to; Celebrate Young People’s Achievement throughout the United Kingdom.


Proud and Gifted ‘Celebrating Young People’s Achievement’, was created as a response to all the negative media given to youth violence, while we cannot avoid hearing about the growing number of incidents in the UK, we also have a responsibility to show how amazing and Inspirational the Youths are, this platform is about encouraging Young People to dare to dream and not be afraid to pursue those dreams enthusiastically. We are all taught that with hard work and determination you will succeed no matter the obstacles, by acknowledging the success stories, awarding them a Recognition Award, and using social media to promote their achievements, Steven said “it is rewarding to see their faces light up, knowing that a seemingly small gesture can make such a huge difference is PRICELESS!”


If you would like to know more, please check out Proud and Gifted across all social media







ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust)

ACLT is an independent charity that formed in 1996 with the main aim to increase the number of ethnic minorities on the UK stem cell (bone marrow) and blood donation registers after co-founders Beverley De-Gale OBE and Orin Lewis OBE received the devastating news their son Daniel De-Gale was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1993 – he was just 6 years old. 


Daniel touched the hearts of a nation as he overcame incredible odds of 1 in 250,000 to become the first black individual in the UK to receive a lifesaving stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor in 1999.  Daniel beat his fight against leukaemia and lived a happy life alongside his family and friends for several years, however on 8th October 2008, Daniel sadly passed away due to complications with his health.


The hard work carried out by the charity to uphold Daniel’s legacy over the last 24 years has resulted in ACLT saving over 150 lives through boosting the UK stem cell register from a mere 550 black individuals to over 150,000 individuals of all ethnicities, with approx 70% of those individuals from an African and Caribbean background.  ACLT has also recruited thousands of blood and organ donors, with the latter becoming a focus for the charity in 2010.


Although the ACLT has contributed significantly to the growth of potential stem cell donors in the UK, the number of individuals of African and Caribbean heritage signed onto the stem cell register still continues to be low; a black, Asian or ethnic minority individual living with blood cancer has less than a 20% chance of finding the best possible match from an unrelated donor (White British individuals have a 60% chance at best).


With the assistance of our supporters, volunteers, ambassadors and partnership such as the one with KickOff@3, we will continue with our mission to ensure no one dies waiting due to a matched donor not being readily available.


Website: | Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @acltcharity |  

The OLLIE Foundation

Michael Wallace and Ashley Levien first approached OLLIE in late 2017. As Michael is a community volunteer outside of work, he was aware of the charity and the work they were doing.


Ashley and Michael were rolling out their Kickoff@3 football initiative on a National level and wanted to work with OLLIE as they felt there was synergy between the two organisations. 


Since that original meeting, OLLIE have worked very closely with them. OLLIE were privileged enough to be recommended by them for Herts Constabulary’s charity of choice in 2018. OLLIE were also invited to come and speak to a number of Senior Police Officers within the Metropolitan Police about charities role in working with them. On the back of that, they were also chosen as one of the Bromley’s event charities in April 2018. Every year Kickoff@3 also host a social fundraiser for a specific charity and KickOff@3 kindly chose The OLLIE Foundation as their charity for 2019.


The ethos behind Kickoff@3 very similar to the OLLIE ethos, in that it is all about partnerships. It’s not about being the best organisation, but about organisations working together to deliver the best to our communities. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them on or 07715311891

The Brent Factor

The Brent Factor created in 2019 as a community contribution and passion project by founder Jasmine Dale Afro Hair and beauty winner 2018. The Brent Factor is a program that aims to help initiate solutions to stop the epidemic of violence that is plaguing the millennial generation.


They work with individuals aged 11-25, who are at a critical juncture of their life; where the discovery of self and reaffirmation of their goals could make a difference to the trajectory of their life. Their programs are a way to boost their self- esteem, confidence and assurance of youth; as it was created with hope to prevent from the possibilities of entering delinquency or lives of crime through the development and discovery of performing arts and other creative expressions. 

Radio Verulam

Radio Verulam is a community station broadcasting in St Albans run and staffed almost exclusively by volunteers with a mission statement to serve the local community providing relevant, lively and engaging radio.

It has been an honour and a privilege to support the team at Kickoff@3 across numerous shows as after initially learning of this wonderful organisation via social media, they have become regularly fixtures across numerous shows.

Their core values of uniting communities via the power of sport, music and art, providing amazing voluntary opportunities in an entirely inclusive mode is incredibly powerful.

With the sad current narrative focusing on the increasing climate of youth violence it is empowering to see how this entirely voluntary organisation here in St Albans and across the country are working closely with young people to empower, uplift and change this perspective.

They are truly a beacon of hope. Quite simply here at Radio Verulam when it comes to Kickoff@3/Tipoff@3 #WeBelieve

North Herts FM


North Herts FM are THE Radio Station for North Herts, UK. That covers the main towns of Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock, Royston and Stevenage and all smaller towns and villages that fall into the North Herts geographic area NOT the political boundary.


They provide Commentary from Hitchin Town Football Club and various live broadcasts and coverage of local events such as WilkeStock, Herts Pride and Henlow Bridge Lakes Tribute Festival., Chilfest, Baldock Beer Festival, Todd In The Hole etc

Summer Madness

Summer Madness UK is a non-profit organisation led by passionate volunteers working together alongside like minded people to help build positivity and better those in the community whatever their demographic to build and better their communities.


Originally known as UET (Urban Elite Team), Summer Madness UK has come along way from humble beginnings and now look to celebrate their 10th anniversary year delivering high quality events across the UK and Europe.


KickOff@3's basketball venture TipOff@3 is run in collaboration with Tayo from Summer Madness.

Charities benefiting from KickOff@3


KickOff@3 raised money for Solving Kids' Cancer and High Five for Ollie in their 2019 tournament.


Enfield & Haringey

Haven House Children's Hospice was the chosen charity for the Enfield & Haringey tournament in 2019. The local police force have close links with this charity and wanted to help raise much needed funds for them.



For the 2020 Finale, The OLLIE Foundation will be joint beneficiaries alongside the ACLT Charity. 


Halton Haven Hospice was the charity of choice for the Bedfordshire tournament this year.



Embrace charity supports child victims of crime. The funds raised at the Bedfordshire tournament went towards supporting those young people who have suffered from crime.



The ACLT charity has been supported by KickOff@3 since the initiative began. Not only has the charity benefited financially from this arrangement but last year one of the players was found to be a match for someone needing a bone marrow transplant.


Close to the hearts of the Suffolk Constabulary is the YMCA. Representatives from the YMCA were there on the day and said it was a great day.



The Foundation aims to try and prevent families from loosing a child, and tries to stop the damage done by drugs to young lives.