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Join Elevated Minds on 28th January 2021 for their Love, Hope & Bright Futures workshop

Make sure to listen in on the journeys of two ex Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) students and they describe their journey into adulthood, followed by a Q&A session after each presentation. 



Jan 28, 2021 07:00 PM London



You must register in advance for this meeting at: 


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Don't miss out on this fantastic workshop offered by Elevated Minds. 

Local wine company supports Arya & KickOff@3's upcoming January tournament

Local wine company, The Vine Cellar, has shown their Christmas spirit by kindly offering a festive goodie hamper in support of Arya and the DKMS charity. Other kind donations by The Vine Cellar will also go towards supporting young people at KickOff@3's upcoming January football tournament. 


The Vine Cellar has expressed its desire to support the next generation in every way they can, and thus their hamper and other donations will continue the work of KickOff@3 by promoting diversity, inclusion, positivity and physical wellbeing for our youth.



Here's what you could win:



1 x La Madeline St Jean Viognier 750ml
1 x La Madeline St Jean Chardonnay 750ml
1 x Champagne Morel Brut 750ml - NEW ADDITION
1 x "Envie de..." Sparkling Picpoul by Domaine Gaujal - NEW ADDITION
Eat Two fingers Chunky Tartare Sauce - Made in Hertfordshire
Rudy's Piccachilli - Made in Hertfordshire
Savoursmiths Itallian Cheese and Port crisps 160g - Made in Cambridge
Candy Kittens - Tropical Mango vegan Gourmet sweets
St Dalfour Thick cut Marmalade 284g
Tracklements Christmas Spice Chutney 300g
Little's Rich Hazelnut flavour infused Instant coffee 50g
Heston's Mini Hidden Clementine Christmas pudding 227g
Williamson Tea English Breakfast 125g (50 tea bags)
Peter's Yard Pink Peppercorn Sourdough Crackers 90g


The closing date for bids is Monday 21st December, 6:00PM. 


For those interested in the tasty hamper, you simply need to email either Michael or Ashley with your bid for a chance to win! 


All money raised from the hamper will be redirected as a donation to the DKMS charity. 


Please head over to The Vine Cellar's site, where the company currently delivers a range of products throughout Hertfordshire and across the UK! 

Arya's SpinOff@3 event recognised by the wider community

Read the article published by the Herts Advertiser on KickOff@3's latest charity cycle here


The Met Police also praise Arya's charity cycle, recognising KickOff@3's efforts in building bridges between young people and the police whilst raising awareness on important issues such as the race for Arya's blood stem cell match. Read their article here!

Another successful SpinOff@3 event under our belt! Cofounder Michael Wallace and supporters of Arya's campaign were captured by the wonderful June Niles from JB In the Sun Photography, who were taking part in the day's London cycle ride. 

KickOff@3 Ambassador Chloe Morgan makes it on the Football Black List









KickOff@3 are extremely proud of Ambassador Chloe Morgan for winning the prestigious Cyrille Regis Players Award and making the Football Black List!

KickOff@3's plea for help: Are You Arya's Angel?

Arya, 11, from Cambridge was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia in July 2020. Aplastic Anaemia is a life threatening condition in which the body stops producing new blood cells that are needed to carry oxygen, prevent infection and to stop bleeding.


Arya is in desperate need of a blood stem cell transplant in order to give her a second chance of life. Unfortunately no-one in Arya’s family is a match so the family are relying on a complete stranger to help save Arya’s life.


After an introduction from a KickOff@3 supporter KickOff@3 were made aware of Arya's search for a donor match. Michael and Ashley were humbled and touched by her positive attitude despite her story and will be arranging a tournament in January to raise awareness of the stem cell register and hopefully help Arya find her match. 


The search to find this stranger is made even more challenging as Arya is of mixed heritage being half Indian and half Caucasian. Arya’s best chance of a match is from someone of Indian or mixed Indian/Caucasian origin.


Her Mum, Brundha and Dad, Geraint are appealing for more people to take the first step and register as potential blood stem cell donors, particularly people of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. By requesting a home swab kit from DKMS, they may hold the correct HLA –typing to allow Arya to have the life saving stem cell transplant.


Geraint added “There is someone out there who is a match with Arya. By having more people from a diverse range of backgrounds on the register Arya and countless others may be able to find that all important match. They may be in the UK, USA, India or another country. We just need people to come forward and join the DKMS stem cell register. It is really straightforward to do and you could help save the life of someone like Arya.”’.


Despite Arya’s life changing diagnosis and the constant stays in hospital, whilst having immunosuppressive treatment, she remains positive and is hopeful of a matching donor being found.


You can join the DKMS stem cell register here or donate to our fundraiser here.

KickOff@3 Quoted in the Guardian


I just want to be with my friends’: how will children cope with being cooped up again in second lockdown?


We are humbled as the proud Co-Founders of KickOff@3, that our successful work has been acknowledged by the The Guardian to help our most vulnerable young people, especially during lockdown this year. The challenges continue where the taboo subject of vulnerable children, special needs and Mental Health continue to be on the forefront of many uncomfortable conversations. There is still lots of work to be done between all.


You can read the full article here.


Many thanks to journalist Nosheen Iqbal for listening to our personal views on this subject and including us in her fantastic article released this morning. Do have a read. The journey continues.#WeBelieve

KickOff@3 Volunteer Opportunity

KickOff@3 are looking for a volunteer coach to run local youth football sessions in the St Albans District. They will need am FA Level 2 Football Coaching Qualification, a first-aid qualification, be prepared to work weekends and be subject to a DBS organised for by KickOff@3. If interested or you would like more information please contact Michael or Ashley.

Our Community Cup Video Footage

Kingswood Blues speak to Radio Verulam about the KickOff@3 Community Cup 2020

The amazing Isha Kamara tells Radio Verulam about their fabulous victory for Kingswood Blues at the recent Kickoff@3 Community Cup. Isha coaches this team who had never played in a competitive game before the tournament. Truly inspirational. You can listen to the full interview here. #WeBelieve

KickOff@3 Community Cup is a huge success

KickOff@3 personally wanted to thank each and every person for bringing your teams down to take part, despite the current climate we’re in you guys were willing to make the journey from far and wide to ensure your young people are still active, engaged and experiencing some kind of normality, which for many is still quite difficult unfortunately, so my hat comes off to you all for that.


We especially wanted to praise all the young people that took part, from what we saw, their behaviour, their effort, but most importantly, the respect that was shown by all was exceptional and this is what we love to see at KickOff@3, so again our hat off to them.


Please also thank each and every parent and supporter that came along, this meant a lot to us personally and we would love to see more of that at our events going forward.


On another personal note, we wish to jointly thank The Warren, Met Police, all our guests, key supporters, volunteers, ambassadors and sponsors who attended yesterday. It was a great tournament and community day.


Although everyone was outstanding yesterday, a massive congratulations to all those that were identified as worthy prize winners that walked away with trophies, vouchers and other awards, those guys truly deserved it.


Last but not least, HUGE congratulations to Kingswood Blues for winning our KickOff@3 Community Cup 2020, not many knew, but they were actually a newly formed estate based team playing in their first ever tournament, coached and managed by a team of amazing young women.

We can now also announce that the football boots and tracksuit bottoms awarded to their young number 12 Nadene and the outstanding male player of the tournament, Musa from Kingswood Blues, was actually donated by Newcastle United's Jamal Lewis. Congratulations to the whole team again and enjoy all your prizes. 


KickOff@3 would also like to highlight Awele who was voted Police Cadet of the day, from SouthWark/Lambeth Police Cadets. Awali was commended for going above and beyond in all of her duties, as well as helping the venue stay clear and tidy by litter picking.


You can see the official photos from June and our other volunteer photographers and more details from the day here


KickOff@3 features in The Voice

In the lead up to to KickOff@3's Community Cup we featured in The Voice Online. Described as "Celebrating and supporting young people is at the heart of KickOff@3’s ethos. In the difficult time we live in where knife and gun crime are rife in many communities across London, KickOff@3 delivers this event as an act of encouragement and motivation for young and vulnerable people." You can read the full article here.

Local parent and supporter talks KickOff@3

Long term Kickoff@3 Supporter Theresa Clements talks Kickoff@3 with Radio Verulam Sport. Theresa is a passionate supporter and volunteer with the amazing Kickoff@3 team. She reminds us about her own experiences with Kickoff@3 and recalls their last tournament from Cotlandswick Leisure Centre won by a team from London Colney. You can listen to the full interview here.

Spoken word poet creates poem for KickOff@3

Can we work together

to support each other

in this  voluntary


where young people can

join together

to learn a skill

or to develop an art

in sport or in any creative pastime ?


This is a home ,where

everyone is welcome

We can all grow through education

We can all share laughter with people

who we know

and hopefully , we can learn  with open hearts to

come to trust each other


This is an opportunity to encourage growth

activities are created that promote

team building relationships

It is an avenue where

individuals as well as teams

can thrive and compete. and provide

personal testimonies of  evidence in self-competing events

in order to raise money to donate to deserving charities


Within the  structured environment  that is provided

All participating young people

can showcase their skills 

in  not only what they do best in sport but also

in the creative arts or in  a seat at the conference table

In discussions with the superintendents of the police

or a placement with  one of our key supporters like the RAF

who offer career opportunities in this endeavour

This voluntary service specialises in providing platforms

from which  a growing community can spring 


It provides a way of trying 

to make a start

at improving relationships

It seeks to reduce the distrust 

between the policing of the community

and the people who live in it.


This voluntary service is provided by special people who

dedicate themselves to sacrificing their own family time

to give the best of themselves

in order  that they may become positive role models


All  members of  our communities want to work towards

living in a safer environment

where the community no longer suffers

we are all on the journey towards justice and equality

where the threat to young lives  through youth violence or systematic racism 

and the abrupt arrested lives of our young people needs to stop


This voluntary service encourages us  to come together

in order to reduce the stress that we all feel

We work at reducing the fear

within our shared community 

promoting the fact that

policing should not  be solely  defensive,

We hope to bring people together

in a two-way relationship 

based on the promotion of trust



We target our mind set on performance

with a cohesive shared mission  

Our measure of success is when

leaders become friends

Apparent oppressors in other walks of life can

reemerge as valued tutors


And we focus on an active determination

not just to emphasise the control of

deviant behaviours but to ensure that

the voices of younger people are

physically present at the conference table

and to redirect energies into positive accomplishments


At the opening of any kickoff, Tipoff  runoff or spin off@3  activity

we  have always begun with congregating in a circle of solidarity

and  a dedication in the form of  a minutes silence

for the loved lives who we have  lost

to ill-heath or crime  concerns

In this way we reaffirm  the reason of why

we come together in unity

To become empowered on new platforms

In order to stop lives being wasted


This voluntary service is something that

young people can share

while  time  is spent with friends and Ambassadors

talents are being demonstrated in a 

vocation to share  our time

to come together  all over the world

joined in a shared aspiration to 

work together  in active performances  and in  exercises 

All can participate in events that

make a charitable contribution towards

a better world


The challenges that are provided 

cement  togetherness and  friendships  can evolve

Teaches  about team building when people  who support each other 

grow to become themselves


This voluntary service runs on funds

It needs  support in order to 

keep it moving and to continue to grow

Sponsorship would help  to leave

a legacy about the good work that young people do

so that we can reflect and build improved  relationships across London

as well as nationally


The foundation of this voluntary service  is  that by working together we can be the best that we can be

so our motto is that

We believe 

in this goal

We believe that this  goal can be achieved

when we  all 

make a genuine effort to 

come together , in the spirit of

kickoff @3


A poem commissioned by the co-founders of KickOff@3 

Michael Wallace and Ashley Levien 

written by 


Erica B Donaldson-Ellison

St Albans tournament a roaring success




Saturday 12th September saw the St Albans tournament that had been turned around in under 5 weeks because a great success. 


9 teams attended on the day, along with representatives from the Met Police, The Royal Air Force, Police Cadets and local residents. The day had a brilliant energy about it and all the young people involved said they thoroughly enjoyed it. You can see more photos from the day here.

New behind the KickOff@3 scenes




On August 11th 2020 KickOff@3 held a planning meeting where we invited videographer and vlogger StreetMic, and photographer and volunteer June Beckles to attend, and also capture some behind the scenes work. You can see behind the scenes here.

Michael catches up with Radio Verulam Sport

Michael caught up with Verulam Sport's Tony Rice where they discuss the recent Runoff@3 event which has raised in excess of £5,000 for the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT). Plus news of an upcoming local football bonanza 'kicking off' here in St Albans in September. You can hear the full chat here.

Michael and Ashley speak to Dad.Info about role models

Michael and Ashley took time out of their busy schedules to speak to Dad.Info during lockdown about the huge importance role models, specifically parental and fatherly role models, to help guide them through a challenging time - especially now. 


They talked about the impact of clubs being closed, fathers being absent and relationships with the police. You can read the full article here

RunOff@3 concludes


It's an absolute pleasure to say that so far (more donations are still coming in), with the support of partnership organisations KickOff@3 has raised over £5,000 for The ACLT Charity! We finished RunOff@3 on our final leg from West Hampstead station to Hyde Park, where we met with fellow RunOff@3 completers. You can see all the brilliant photos from the amazing day we had as we finished RunOff@3 on Sunday 2nd August here.

KickOff@3 merchandise coming to a home near you soon




KickOff@3 are excited to announce that we are in the process of collaborating with Kit Out London to enable you to purchase KickOff@3's branding merchandise. The line is will start start out with clothing items but has the potential to expand. 

KickOff@3 are proud to work in partnership with Street Mic




Following a second productive meeting on Thursday 23rd July, Michael and Ashley are proud to announce a partnership with Street Mic (Wendell Daniel).


Street Mic is a videographer and will be helping KickOff@3 to capture their journey on film. Street Mic has plenty of experience capturing the story behind community causes as a regular filmer of the BLM movement.


We're so pleased that we're ever increasing our team and finding likeminded people to collaborate with. KickOff@3 film productions coming to a channel near you soon.


Check out his work here


#WatchThisSpace #WeBelieve

Michael takes on RunOff@3 for ACLT

So far the fundraiser has raised over £600 but we still have some way to go to meet our target so if you can spare any amount we really appreciate it. You can donate here.

Michael joins Unityify to talk about KickOff@3


Unityify is a platform to inspire, motivate and empower all! It's all about the journey ✨Unity in diversity 🤝


The interview is described as a "Brilliant chat with Michael who is very much involved with the community and runs a non-profitable organisation called kick-off at 3 - a 2019 Premiere League Black Writers Grassroots Award Winners who empower young people using Football, Music, & Art to bring all together Nationally.

He has truly dedicated his time and effort to give back to the community and has such a great and positive approach." You can listen to the full interview here.


Check out there YouTube Channel here and their Instagram here.

Morrisons Peckham sponsor RunOff@3

Morrisons Peckham hass generously agreed to support KickOff@3's newest initiative by donating £200 of Morrisons vouchers. The vouchers will be used as rewards for those that take part in RunOff@3 and raise money for The ACLT Charity. 


Community champion Rose, store manager Matt and people manager Brandon said: "We at Morrisons Packham are so happy to support KickOff@3 and ACLT with a donation of £200. Keep up the good work you're doing for our community. We salute your outstanding efforts during these testing times. Your zeal and efforts are even stronger. Well done.".

Black Lives Matter

KickOff@3 has been watching the tragic events unfolding in the USA and the #BlackLivesMatter campaigning in the UK. During these times, we want to say that we do not condone racism and inequality, and we stand together with those protesting to raise awareness and challenge injustice.


As proud cofounders of KickOff@3, Michael Wallace and Ashley Levien have always ensured that the activities, workshops and tournaments held by KickOff@3 have been totally inclusive. This ethos applies now more than ever.


We are supportive of the movement and will do our best to ensure awareness is spread on the matter. We are also aware that the current situation will be on the minds of many people, those outside of the black and ethnic-minority community, too. We are proud of everyone within the diverse and multicultural society we live in that is taking a stand against racial injustice nationally and across the world.


With many protesters coming from a younger background or being students, we recognise you and support you, also. We hope that everyone stays safe, keeps to the social distancing guidelines, and continues to protest as peacefully as possible – violence begets violence and that is something we do not condone at KickOff@3.


With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the nation, we know how hard battling the virus, and now the growing campaign for racial equality has been. We must use our collective strength and sense of community to make more progress and never give up on the cause.


#WeBelieve #BlackLivesMatter

SpinOff@3 Winners

The whole KickOff@3 team extends there gratitude to all those that took part in SpinOff@3 around the country. A special congratulations for Lynn and her family from Durham, Clodagh from Hertfordshire, Lucian from London and the Police Youth Engagement Team from Suffolk.