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Former player for Arsenal W.F.C speaks to Radio Verulam






Lexi Duberry, former player for Arsenal W.F.C, speaks with Tony Rice from Verulam Sport. 


Follow this link to hear Lexi discuss her challenges as a female football player and her career with Arsenal. 



Ambassador Liz Mead speaks with MyPOV

Watch Ambassador Liz Mead's interview with MyPOV, where Liz discusses her involvement with KickOff@3 in Bedfordshire, her love for the football tournaments, and the highs and lows of lockdown! 




Recent Radio Interviews

It's been a busy week for the KickOff@3 team. On the 20th June Michael joined Ipswich Community Radio on 20th June to talk about the work KickOff@3 does. You can listen to the interview here.


Co-founder Michael and ambassador Sofia took part in delivering a Father's Day message during an interview with local radio station Bankside Open Spaces Trust in SouthWark Borough on Sunday 21st June. You can find the interview recording here.


Finally we ended our media blitz with new ambassador Jess joining Tony Rice on Verulam Sport to talk about her football career and KickOff@3's new fundraiser, RunOff@3 in aid of The ACLT Charity. Listen to the full interview here.


Mike, Ashley and Shane complete SpinOff@3

Co-founder Michael Wallace makes it on Channel 4

Michael Wallace made his debut on Channel 4 on April 2020. Taking part in a MET Police recruitment advert "Do The Job".


Do the job that helps keep nearly nine million Londoners safe.


The challenges of policing London are unlike anywhere else and so are the opportunities and rewards.


You’ll be encouraged to be the best you can be, and rewarded with the satisfaction that you are making a real difference to our great city.


Do the job that’s like no other. Do something real. Become a police officer today ➡️


Michael took part in this recruitment advert because he's passionate about the MET Police being an inclusive and diverse organisation and wanted to utilise his role to inspire and encourage other BAME individuals to consider the MET Police as a viable option and something that anyone regardless or race or ethnicity can be part of. Watch the full video here.

The Irish FA Foundation delivers its first-ever online workshop ahead of KickOff@3 tournament

The Irish FA Foundation has delivered its first-ever online workshop as part of the Stay Onside community programme. Working in partnership with The Bytes Project, Irish FA Foundation Community Relations Officer Chris Wright delivered the video conference on Friday (May 1).

The Bytes Project is an organisation which seeks to help young people in their personal development. They are supporting the Irish FA to offer a range of workshops such as football coaching, refereeing and mental health. 


The topic was Racism Awareness and Equality, part of a new workshop called ‘Everybody’s Game’. The aim of the course is to inform and challenge attendees, ahead of their KickOff@3 BAME focussed UK wide tournament, organised and held by the police service in Britain. There are different regional tournaments with the Northern Ireland heat planned for 30 August, with the winner travelling to London for the finals on the 13 September.


You can read the full article here.

SpinOff@3 event opens to public

Given the changes to all aspects of life, the 2020 planned KickOff@3 Tournaments have been postponed until it is safe to hold them. At KickOff@3 we understand that for many families and individuals across the country this is a very difficult time. There are financial, health and social difficulties being faced by many. Not only is this time a challenge for families and individuals, but it is also presenting increasing challenges for charities. As the majority of fundraising halted overnight, charities are working incredibly hard to come up with new ways of generating income.  Embedded within the KickOff@3 ethos are three fundamental principles: supporting charities, promoting health and wellbeing and providing opportunities for our young people.


KickOff@3 are just as committed to fulfilling our aims as we were pre-lockdown and will be post-lockdown. Working together with our team we have come up with a new lockdown project called SpinOff@3 and we implore all forces that were scheduled to run KickOff@3 Tournaments to now look at running this new project during lockdown.



SpinOff@3 is a cycling challenge for anyone, that can be done whilst socially distancing, with the chance for contestants to win goodies, all whilst raising money for charity. Although it is designed for cycles, anything with wheels can be used (except cars) such as scooters, skateboards and roller skates. We are encouraging all forces who would be taking part if KickOff@3 2020 was running as usual to consider running their own SpinOff@3 project.


Michael and Ashley will be running a local SpinOff@3 Herts. Check out the promo video below.

KickOff@3 supporter & friend Anne-Marie Silbiger records tribute song for late husband

It seems like only the other week Michael and Ashley met Anne-Marie, her husband Ian and their son at the KickOff@3 fundraiser in September 19. Anne-Marie travelled to the fundraiser to support KickOff@3 and perform her own poetry. Unfortunately since that first face to face meeting, Ian sadly passed away.


In tribute to her husband, poet Anne-Marie Silbiger has collaborated with musician Geraint Rhys on the track Breathe. All proceeds will go to the Critical Care staff at UCLH in London who looked after Ian. 


Anne-Marie "This song is a tribute to my husband Ian Silbiger who died on 29th October 2019 from community contracted pneumonia and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. My words allow you a glimpse into our life together, into our lives living under the truly tragic burden of mental and physical illness. I hope you love it as much as I do."


You can hear and buy the track here.


Find Anne-Marie on twitter - @happimess73

International boxing coach supports SpinOff@3





A massive thank you to Xavier Miller from IQ Boxing for supporting KickOff@3's new charity initiative SpinOff@3. Xavier is currently in Portugal training Dillion Whyte for his next big fight but still found time to jump on his exercise bike to promote SpinOff@3.

Both Michael and Ashley extend their thanks to the Black Coaches Network for their support and acknowledgement of their joint achievements.

Key partners Sportside launch their #Sportsider magazine alongside their existing blog

As key partners of KickOff@3 it may not be surprising that KickOff@3 have featured in their blog. The article, described by Michael as "very warming" provides a fantastic overview of KickOff@3 and really communicates the key ethos and attitudes.


But more recently Sportside have set their eyes on even more adventurous sights. Their March Edition of their new #Sportsider magazine has launched.


There are many reasons that we can try to uncover as to why humans have always enjoyed playing and participating in games, but ultimately it falls to the same thing. It is an intrinsic and wonderful part of being human. #Sportsider is a representation of this. Highlighting the magnificent people and businesses involved in the sports community around the world. Written by sport lovers for sport lovers our monthly publication aims to be insightful, entertaining and engaging. Showcasing what goes into the sporting industry to keep the wheels turning.


You can read the March Edition here including the interview with Michael. 

KickOff@3's first international interview with Don Shafer from Coop Radio Vancouver

With the world in lockdown, this is a lighter interview and introduction to some community-minded people doing good work. A nice break from the barrage on social media.


This week at the conversation lab we are joined by Tony and Michael Wallace. Father and son respectively who talk about their life together as well as a part and how they have remained connected over the years with love and soccer.


Tony was one of the originals who put Roots Reggae on the air at Co-op Radio and hails from Jamaica; Michael is a "Bobby" in London and during this conversation, both son and father share their stories.


Soccer has been a constant theme in the family and its not surprising that Michael with his good friend Ashley Levein started Kickoff@3.In less than three years, they have expanded from 6 tournaments facilitated by 150 volunteers with over 4,000 young players from all over London. Dad (Tony) hopes to be able to bring Kickoff@3 to Canada and work with young people in Vancouver.


Tony and Michael are certainly “changemakers” doing their very best to make a difference. In this episode, they tell some personal stories about their family, life in Jamaica and London, racism, their desire to help kids and much more. I hope you can join us this Sunday at 10 am on CFRO FM and on your favourite podcasting platform.

News from key partner Radio Verulam

We know that this is a really tough time for local businesses. If you have messages you need to get out, we want to help you. 


Supporter wall:

In recognition of the huge challenges facing everyone, we are offering our "supporter wall" bricks for free for the first three months.  These bricks come with mentions of your messaged on-air and a page on our website.  We'll do everything we can to get your message out.  All you need to do is go to and fill in your details and sign up.  We'll also do our best to follow up with an interview on air.  There is no obligation to continue after the free three months; you can just cancel at any time.


In terms of ongoing support here are our community-focused initiatives:

*1. Community Circle: and not-for-profits can have a profile on our website, which includes a function for blog posts and occasional on-air mentions. 

*2. Community Corner: contact Rob Pearman If clients, colleagues, the general public or volunteers need to reach each other, they can email a message which will be broadcast on our Local Life


*3. Community Shoutouts: People can press a button to record a message or thank you on their phone, laptop or PC, this may also be broadcast on air.

*4. Local news: Charities, support groups or local organisations can share their updates, events or offers of help

*5. #SideWithStAlbans: @radioverulam on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram A community-led project created by our volunteer digital media team to encourage residents and organisations in Hertfordshire to share their positive news online

Promotional video for upcoming KickOff@3 Lambeth and Southwark Tournament on Sunday 17th May 2020
Please download this amazing video file created by Holly Fortune, a brilliantly-named young film student; using photographic highlights from last year's activities and the Planning Meeting for 2020 .
We are proud to welcome Holly as the latest recruit to the KickOff@3 Volunteer Family.
MP4 Video/Audio File 8.1 MB



Paul Canoville is probably the most famous victim of racism in British football, having been driven from the beautiful game by the shameful abuse he experienced as Chelsea FC's first black player from his own supporters, team mates and ultimately Chelsea FC itself. An early example of what we are seeing in our stadia here and overseas now, Paul received no support from his club or the PFA and there was no-one around with the clout to stand up to what we would now term Institutional Racism.

Paul's career was over and unsurprisingly he took it hard and struggled to find a way forward. Two bouts of cancer later he set up The Paul Canoville Foundation, working towards educating young people away from racism. Becoming engaged with this demographic led him towards KickOff@3 and he has been a staunch supporter for the last two years. From selfies to encouraging tournament players, presenting prizes to his debut as a photographer, "Canners" has done it all to make his mark, even as coach for a day when we put up a team of professionals, celebrities, volunteers, the KickOff@3 founders and DJ & TipOff@3 guy showed up to support a sister charity in the summer.
This film is a challenging watch and Canners' dignified response to the tough questions asked after watching what others had to say about his career is touching and inspirational.

Copy the link below and type 'Paul Canoville' in the search box to view:

St Albans Community Business Awards - Community Champion 2019 Sponsored by St Michael's Manor Hotel

Thursday 10th October saw KickOff@3 pitted against 2 of our 'Community Friends' for the St Albans Community Business Awards 2019.

We were pleased and proud to be in such talented and altruistic company. The video below shows the nominees describing their work and their passions.  We admire and collaborate with both Lee and Verity, who are considered part of the KickOff@3 family, and are proud to report that Lee Woods, the man responsible for our amazing finale banners was the ultimate winner on the night.

We look forward to working with both Verity and Lee for many years to come.


KickOff@3 win Football Black List Award in Grassroots and Community Category.

See Awards and Accolades tab for further details...

Kickoff@3 invited by The Sport and Recreation Alliance to present details of our work to senior sports leaders.


Our co-founder, Michael Wallace had the honour of speaking on our ethos and the positive impact of our work at a Sport and Recreation Alliance event in London on 25th September.


He was in distinguished company including Dr Jaqueline Sebire, Assistant Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police and NPCC Serious Violence Lead and His Royal Highness, The Earl of Wessex. 

Fundraising Event 8th September 2019





Kick of @3 are delighted to announce a fundraising event in St Albans on the 8th September 2019.

This is a live music event hosted by Denise Parsons - The Parsons Knows at The White Lion Pub in St Albans ( see flyer). 

Everyone is welcome to join us for a fun and entertaining afternoon of live music. 


Local musicians will be performing from 3pm and all proceeds will go directly to Kick Off @3 and will help us to move forward with our initiative to support young people. 


If you cannot attend but wish to show your support then take a look at our Crowdfunding Page by clicking below. 

Kick Off @3 supporting The Josh Hanson Trust 4th Memorial Cup Saturday 24th August 2019

Kick Off @3 are humbled to be supporting The Josh Hanson Trust at their upcoming fundraising event ( see flyer ).

The Kick Off @3 team are Ashley Levien - Captain, Michael Wallace,  Marcus Gayle, Shane Sandiford, Dan McCarthy, Ricky Graham, Tricks, Shiloh Wallace, Nathan Smith, Harinder Sanghera, Luke Samaras - Inghe, Luke Vella, Daniel Parkinson, Winston Seidu with Paul Cannoville as Manager and Roger East as referee.


Listen again to the powerful interview with Tracey and Brooke from The Josh Hanson Trust along with Kick Off Co-Founder Michael Wallace with Wayne Marshall on Colourful Radio.. 

Changing the narrative. Police and youngsters reducing crime together.


This newspaper clipping is from The Voice reporting on one of our first Kickoff@3 charity football tournaments, hosted in Bromley Borough in April 2017. Rob Godwin was the first person to commit to delivering the Kickoff@3 ethos and from the very start Police Leads and young players garnered such positive engagement that match days  influenced a noticable reducation in violent crime. Approximately 200 gathered at Crystal Palace Sports Centre to take part or support our new venture.

The Metropolitan Black Police Assocation were staunch supporters then as now and ACLT still have a high profile presence. As detailed in this article, Leukemia sufferer Delroy Anglin, appealed to the youngsters to volunteer for testing as potential donors. ACLT's profile has grown exponentially over the last 2 years and the donor database is still expanding.

May 2017 brought the first ever KickOff@3 tournaments

First recorded KickOff@3 press coverage?

Daniel De-Gale Cup Final 07.07.19







Congratulations to 'Soccer Shop Window'

Outstanding sportsmanship & team spirit throughout the tournament. 


Gallery for the 2019 finale





Congratulations to 'Lambeth Spartans FC'


We are very proud of how far this team has come. 

Fantastic skills on the pitch & true team spirit. 


Gallery for the 2019 finale 



Winners of the Grassroots Project of the Year Award 2019



We are delighted that Kick Off @3 has been nominated for 2 upcoming awards. 


Grassroots Project of the year 2018/2019 by MFA- 6/9/19


Community Champion Award 2019 - St Albans Chamber of Commerce - 10/10/10


Photo credit - PS Photography.

Ric Flo for writes U.N.I.T.Y. and produces a video especially for the Kick Off @3 finale


Huge thanks to Ric Flo for writing U.N.I.T.Y. and producing a video especially for the Kick Off @3 finale on 7/7/19!

Ric Flo, is a Rapper, Graphic Designer, Immigrant, Black British Citizen and former foster child. Now, a talented musician forming part of Jungle Brown, Ric wants to give back. He runs Rap Therapy Workshops with foster kids and views it his mission to help misfits feel more at home.

Find out more about Ric & his work here


KickOff@3 Planning Meeting

October 2018 at the Warren

KickOff@3 Planning Meeting

March 2018 at the Warren