SpinOff@3 Beds

Bedfordshire Police is supporting SpinOff@3, a cycling challenge that can be completed whilst social distancing which encourages people of all ages.


About this Event:

SpinOff@3 is a cycling challenge that can be completed whilst social distancing which encourages people of all ages to be active, spend time with their household members and support Embrace. Our vision is to ‘be there’ for all those children and teenagers who, through no fault of their own, are victims of crime.

Please read all entry details before entering. If you have further questions please email kickoff3@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk


The challenge is broken down into optional sub challenges which give people flexibility depending upon their individual circumstances.

The challenges are:

• Tricycle 3 laps of your garden/lengths of your road (toddlers)

• Cycle for 3 miles over 3 days (for younger children/older people)

• Cycle for 3 hours over a week

• Cycle for 30 miles over a week


However if you do not have a bike. You can still join in if you have wheels as long it's not motorised. So wheelchair, roller skates, roller blades, skate board, scooters and prams. You get the idea.



The start date is the 3rd June until the 10th June.



Winners will receive a £20 digital one4all gift card. You can see a full list of retailers here: https://www.one4all.com/retailer.html. Please note to use your one4all digital gift card in store you will need to download their app One4all.


Prizes will be awarded for

•    Best selfie

•    Best view

•    Best costume

Send your pictures to kickoff3@bedfordshire.pnn.police.uk


Challenge completion:

For demonstrating you have completed the challenge/s, please use technology. There are a wide variety of apps that track exercise. Most smart phones will come with a health tracker already installed but there are plenty of others (https://www.cyclingweekly.com/group-tests/best-cycling-apps-143222). Alongside these are activity tracking watches and apps such as FitBit, Apple watch or strava. We suggest you track your cycling via an app, then to screenshot it and submit it via email along with optional photos and videos taken during the challenge which will be judged and receive a prize!


Good Luck!