Watch this space for SwimOff@3 2021 news!

KickOff@3 is excited to announce the news of a SwimOff@3 2021 initiative taking place later this year. Whilst we are keeping up-to-date with the latest Covid-19 restrictions, we do hope to start the project during the summer period later this year. 

The plan

We don't have all the details figured out just yet as we wait to see how restrictions surrounding the pandemic develop over time, but we do hope to carry out our SwimOff@3 initiative during the summer months of 2021. We want to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to get their swim gear on and brush up on their skills whether that's for fun or fitness. 

Our Mission

While the initiative is open to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their swimming abilities or take on the challenge for a bit of fun and physical exercise, we do hope to reach members of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. For various reasons, members of these groups are less likely to be able to swim - we aim to change that deadly fact. 


To put things into perspective, 80% of young black people and children in England do not swim. That percentage rises to 95% for black adults in England. We hope our SwimOff@3 initiative will inspire individuals of this community to take on the challenge of learning to swim, or, improve their swimming skills that could potentially make the important difference between life and death. 


Watch this space for the latest news and details on what our SwimOff@3 initiative will look like! In the meantime we have recruited some fantastic individuals to support the initiative (see below!). 

Our SwimOff@3 2021 Team

My name is Georgia Martin and I am a final year student at the University of Bath studying a BSc in Sports Performance. As a passionate sportswoman I came to Bath as an aspiring Olympic athlete and I’m coming away as a person who wants to champion change.


I have been an athlete for most of my life, for years it was all I ever knew. For ten years I was a swimmer, but when talent spotted, I joined the British Rowing World Class START programme at the age of 16. START identifies and develops high-potential athletes to become Olympic rowers. For the next four years, I trained 20-hour weeks while studying. In that time, I represented England and won at Henley Royal Regatta. When an injury led to the end of my rowing career, I put my training time to a different use, and I am now venturing onto things i have never dreamed of before.  


I came across KickOff@3 when researching my dissertation, which is looking into youth crime and how sports-based crime prevention programmes can help to reduce crime. Specifically, into the impact mentors have on young people. This programme stood out to me because of its ethos, everything about it is so selfless and done with such passion that I was truly inspired. When Michael mentioned that he is working on SwimOff@3, my eyes lit up because swimming is where I started as an athlete. I was inspired to help and that is what I hope to do as an ambassador. I want to use this platform to enhance my understanding of the impact of this programme, but mainly to work with and inspire young people.


I aspire to join the Police Force when I finish university. I believe in SwimOff@3 and therefore I hope that wherever I end up being a police officer I can implement this programme.