Testimonials for KickOff@3

The 948 Sports Foundation

The 948 Sports Foundation is proud to support SpinOff@3, organised by the Kickoff@3 organisation, as it complements the Foundation’s core purpose of giving young people in the St Albans and surrounding areas the ability to improve their participation in sport. Great to see Michael and Ashley making sport happen even during Covid-19 lockdown. 


Since we were introduced back in November 2019 and celebrated our partnership together over a cheeky Nando’s, we at Sportside have been proud to tell anyone and everyone about Kickoff@3.Together Ashley and Michael are building a long lasting legacy, a community which is changing lives, giving opportunities and passing on a message of togetherness and hope. It’s all about UNITY and bridging the gaps in communities where people can so easily fall through the cracks. Their mindset is that of positivity and empowerment and we are truly honoured to be part of their journey…#webelieve


Marisa Scullion 

Head of Partnerships @Sportside

Summer Madness UK

Summer Madness UK are very humble to be working with such an incredible organisation such as Kickoff@3.


Michael and his Team have achieved amazing things over the last 2 years and we are so appreciative or our partnership with them. We have been able to contribute along the way to the positivity, passion and the motivation to help children and young adults to achieve. We feel privileged that our beliefs are aligned with the introduction of TipOff@3 and for the support they have given for our own events.


We would like to give a massive THANK YOU from all the members of the Summer Madness Team. We wish you all the best moving forward and to both our organisations working together for many years to come.

Kids in Crisis

We have had the privilege of teaming up with Kickoff@3 on a couple of occasions and cannot say enough about how amazing these guys are.
Although we work in different areas of support we are all aiming for the same result and that is to help where we can, to make life easier, more fulfilling and rewarding for our children and youth of today.
These guys deserve a medal in the commitment and energy they put into everything they do..
🙏🙏🙏# We believe!!!
Kids in Crisis CEO Amanda Fitchie

Mr Richard Braithwaites - Mr Silky Skills


Through a friend, Cherise Weaver from Shaping Futures, I was asked to engage and help promote young peoples futures at the Halton football tournament.


I met Michael Wallace co founder of KickOff@3 and my journey started here, this led to a nationwide introduction to a lot of forces and invites to Bedfordshire and the Bromley final. I met Ashley Levien the other founder of this dynamic duo and the rest of this unstoppable inspiring team. 


Kickoff@3 is providing fantastic support to charities, integrating police with communities, legends and celebrities with everyday people, as well as giving youngsters opportunities which can only lead to them becoming future role models. They're also doing their upmost to prevent youngsters from entering into a life of crime and regret which I wholeheartedly support due to the nature of work I've been involved in for the last 31 years. 


A tour with Kickoff@3 would be a perfect opportunity to cover each event but more importantly to work with each forces engagement teams too.


I engaged and entertained everyone at these amazing tournaments passing on my skills and witnessing youngsters and police expressing themselves together. Thank you all for your invites and fantastic hospitality.





Mr Silky Skills

Richard Braithwaites

Professional Football Freestyler


Andy Boateng - Crystal Palace Scout

As a scout for Crystal Palace, and covering events with NeedMoreFootball.com I've been supporting the Kick off@3 initiative for a couple of years now and have watched it grow from strength to strength across the UK. 
Michael Wallace and Ashley Levien are doing a fantastic job of bringing communities together and bridging the trust gap between the community and the police. 
The nationwide tournaments have given kids from all walks of life a chance to showcase their talents and to demonstrate that our youth have a lot of positive attributes to contribute to society. 
The tournaments also bring together industry, charities, media, a range of services and prominent celebrity ambassadors to enhance the message that we as a community are stronger together. 

Durham Constabulary

In truth football is not my sport of choice, that will always be Cricket. That said, sport brings people together and in 2018 I brought KickOff@3 to Durham with the assistance of Durham University who saw the value in bringing young people together, engage with the police to break down barriers and create opportunities for themselves. This opportunity has been instrumental in doing just this and also provided external opportunities to some Durham University students who helped organise the event.


Ultimately sport brings people from different communities together and football is no different. In our first year one of the young participants provided a mouth swab for the ACLT Charity and he was a potential positive bone marrow match, which could result in him saving someone’s life. In 2019 I brought 3 forces together namely Durham, Northumbria and North Yorkshire in holding a regional tournament. Again the overall winning team attended the National Finals in London and gained so much life experience. One of their teachers said to me that “the youngsters from our school need this kind of exposure and to be alongside other communities”.


For me it’s a privilege to be involved in Kick Off @3. Its providing many young people opportunities in life which ordinarily they may have thought its not available to them. Young people have also had the opportunity to engage with the police and see beyond the uniform.


Shaz Sadiq

Inspector Andy George PSNI

I first heard of Kickoff@3 during the National Black Police Association Annual Conference in 2017. It sounded like a fantastic way of engaging with young people from different backgrounds.
I spoke to a number of community groups in Belfast and held our first tournament in May 2018. It was a huge success and managed to bring people from diverse backgrounds together using football as a common bond.
Michael and Ashley supported me in delivering the tournament and their presence during the day was influential in getting young people to speak to each other and the attending police officers.
We have grown the programme each year and have now developed partnerships with the Irish FA, Rio Ferdinand Foundation and a number of community groups. We are now planning a community cohesion programme and have Kickoff@3 to thank for starting it all off.
Inspector Andy George PSNI 

Andy Kowalski - Referee Herts Police

first met Michael and Ashley after refereeing at a Kickoff event in 2018 in St Albans, Hertfordshire my home force.

The initiative is like many being delivered across country by many amazing people,  but kickoff@3 is different. It collaborates through sport, music and  education with the simple goal of reaching out to our youth with life changing support of partner organisations. It was this vision and  desire to make a difference which grabbed me straight away.We meet many people in our lives, and we are a product of these shared experiences. 
Kickoff@3 is not just about football, but giving support to mental health charities, career advice and opportunities to young people and bringing together celebrities, professional athletes and local businesses, giving KickOff@3 the prospect of reaching out across the UK for many years to come. 
This game changing initiative has given me the opportunity to help in a very small way. I will be eternally blessed and grateful for the gift of sharing what Kickoff@3 has given to me.
Andy Kowalski
Referee Herts Police

Liz Mead - Det Chief Supt Beds Police

I've always loved football and sport and with my parents having a sports shop called Kick Off! My eye was caught by KickOff@3 tweets and how pleased I am to have stumbled 18 months ago on the fantastic work of Michael and Ashley. 
The ethos of combining sport with education and inclusion for all our young people is truly inspiring and changes lives. 
I am delighted to have been involved in the tournaments and the great community spirit that they foster and the relationships they create. I feel part of this journey and look forward to continuing to support and promote KickOff@3 and all it stands for.
Liz Mead
Det Chief Supt 
Head of Crime & PPU 
Bedfordshire Police

The OLLIE Foundation

We’ve had the honour to work with Michael and Ashley on a number of events and are continually amazed by their passion, drive and dedication.


The work they’ve done and money they’ve raised for The OLLIE Foundation has made an incredible contribution to improving awareness of mental health and suicide amongst young people.


Through the KickOff@3 activities, OLLIE has had the opportunity to bring our message to more young people (and those who work with and care for them) so they can benefit from the support and training we provide.


Thank you!


Helen Redding,

Trustee @ The OLLIE Foundation

Tony Rice - Producer and Presenter of Verulam Sport

I have been very fortunate to come to know Michael Wallace and Ashley Levien from Kickoff@3 over the last several years. I am never less than astonished by their energy and commitment to the beautiful kickoff@3 project which seeks to empower communities from across the country uniting via the power of sport, art, music and poetry. They show unswerving dedication to this vital mission and it has been a pleasure to see this project develop from an initial concept of like minded visionaries into an Award winning juggernaut, garnering amazing support from notable dignitaries and Ambassadors from the world of sport and beyond.


I can only see this going from strength to strength and I look forward to hearing about this progression on Radio Verulam  in the coming years, as the enthusiasm and humility with which they elaborate on the awesome community work is genuinely heart warming and encouraging for us all.


In closing I can think of no better way to summarise than embracing their very own hashtag tagline....for Verulam Sport on behalf of all at Radio Verulam when it comes to all that Kickoff@3 are, represent and will continue to evolve into;




Tony Rice

Shaun Pascal from Black Wall Street Media

KickOff@3 like all things started as a vision for Michael Wallace and Ashley Levien. A vision that is now bringing hope to so many people. 
Many people now ask me what is Kickoff@3?
I think the important question should be, what is KickOff@3 about? It is about passionate people who strive to support young brilliant hearts and minds. It is about community without exclusion. 
It is about teaching us the importance of interaction and the importance of building relationships with vulnerable people. 
It is about using sport as a vessel to nurture and create a stable environment so that vulnerable people can strive and build confidence. 
It demonstrates, if you just believe, anything is achievable. I personally want to thank Michael, Ashley and all those involved and who participate in Kickoff@3 for welcoming me into the family. 
For someone that has battled with mental health and continues to cope, it’s important that YOU understand you are my inspiration and coping mechanism which brings me hope, keeps me positive and focused on all that is good in people. It gives me an outlook for better things to come and a purpose in life to contribute and be part of something really special. So many people depend on Kickoff@3 it is crucial we keep this going because “We Believe”.
Shaun Pascal (Black Wall Street Media).❤

The Brent Factor

The Brent Factor was created in 2019 as a community contribution and passion project by founder Jasmine Dale Afro Hair (pictured to the left) and beauty winner 2018. The Brent Factor is a program that aims to help initiate solutions to stop the epidemic of violence that is plaguing the millennial generation.


Working with Micheal Wallace and Ashley Levien through the avenue of football and their KickOff@3 initiative, is an incredible incentive for youths to learn more football skills, dedication, organisation, confidence building and self- motivation.


The Brent Factor team will always be available to help with future events. Well done to you Micheal and Ashley, with such persistence we are truly inspired.