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How KickOff@3 saved Helen from Lockdown Lunacy

Amazing KickOff@3 volunteer Helen talks to MyPov about how volunteering for KickOff@3 during lockdown helped her stay sane and on top of her emotional wellbeing. Helen, founder of Aphrodite Weddings was hit hard my lockdown due to weddings, her bread and butter, not being able to take place. 


"How I was rescued from my lockdown meltdown by Kickoff@3

After the initial shock of lockdown, I found myself sitting down, on my own, I work for myself, I'm single and suddenly I didn't know what was going to happen, where my next pay pack was going to come from. I am a people person, I couldn't see my family, my friends, couldn't work and I slumped. I had a complete meltdown. Then I was rescued by the support of Michael and Kickoffat3 by subsequently helping out with their SpinOff@3 event."


You can watch the video here.

Helen describes The Aphrodite Weddings approach to be "practical and straightforward, whilst giving you peace of mind."

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